8 Neat Science Experiments for Adults!

Science experiments aren’t only for kids!  Sometimes they can soup up the feng shui in your house too!  Other times, they are just plain fun.  We guarantee every adult will like at least one experiment on this list.  It helps bring out the inner nerd in all of us, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  The best part is since you finished school a long time ago, the “cool” kids can’t make fun of you anymore!

  1. Make Giant Gummy Bears

    source http://mamasmiles.com/fun-science-candy-experiments/

    source mamasmiles.com

    To get the full directions on making these masterpieces click here.

  2. Balloons + Pop Rocks = Fun

    source http://www.stevespangler.com/experiment-of-the-week/valentines-day-candy-science-experiments/

    source stevespangler.com

    The CO2 in Pop Rocks makes them fun to play with!  Click here for a bunch of fun candy experiments.

  3. Get in Touch with Your Inner-Hippie

    source http://jollyjansen.blogspot.com/2011/10/fizzy-fun-preschool-science-activity_18.html

    source jollyjansen.blogspot.com

    Go back to the 60s and 70s by making yourself a lava lamp!  Instructions are found here.

  4. Make Invisible Ink with Lemons

    source http://www.minieco.co.uk/message-in-bottle/

    source minieco.co.uk

    Did you ever know that lemon juice is invisible ink?  Write a secret message to your lover!  Oo la la.  Click here for full instructions.

  5.  Grow Bean Plants with Old CD Cases

    source http://lifemoresimply.blogspot.com/2009/12/how-to-make-ring-sling.html

    source lifemoresimply.blogspot.com

    Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can grow your own bean plant.  Go here for more info.

  6. The Mystical Transparent Egg

    source http://thechocolatemuffintree.blogspot.com/2012/03/transparent-and-bouncy-egg-experiment.html

    source thechocolatemuffintree.blogspot.com

    You know you want to make one!  Full directions here.

  7. Homemade Geodes!

    source http://www.feelslikehomeblog.com/2013/03/how-to-grow-your-own-crystal-geodes-cool-science-experiment-for-kids/

    source feelslikehomeblog.com

    With only a short list of supplies, you can make your own geodes.  You and you kids will love these!  Just follow these instructions.

  8. Melt Ice in Style

    source http://www.artfulparent.com/2012/07/melting-ice-science-experiment-with-salt-liquid-watercolors.html

    source artfulparent.com

    How cool do these look?  It’s a shame they don’t last forever.  Make sure to take a lot of pictures to share!  Full directions here.

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