Meet The People Behind The Memes

Meet the people behind the memes.. There stories are pretty interesting and you will be surprised what they actually look like!

The now eight-year-old Sammy Griner’s mom was not at all thrilled that the hilarious picture of her then 11-month-old soon became an internet sensation. Yet she is more than thrilled now, being able to use her son’s fame to raise over $100,000 to pay for her husband’s expensive dialysis treatment.


Dustin Mattson is the purest form of the meme he inspires: he’s a hipster barista who is pissed that he has become famous for being a hipster barista. The professional latte foam artist is all about farm-to-table, cocktail mixology and spending fifteen minutes to make a cup of coffee that has been locally roasted from beans grown in Venezuela from a farmer named Luis who hand picks every batch


Taken from a ShutterStock photo titled “Handsome African American business man dressed in a black suit,” the handsome devil is an electrical engineer and professional body builder in real life.


Disaster Girl aka Zoe Roth just happened to be watching a local fire department performing a training exercise when her dad nonchalantly snapped this perfectly time and uberly creepy photo. After submitting the photo he dubbed “firestarter” to a photo contest, little Zoe soon became synonymous with all that is terrible in the world on the internet


What began as a simple YouTube video poking fun at the overly clingy lyrics of Justin Bieber’s song “Girlfriend” in 2012 became one of the biggest memes to ever hit the web. Obviously having a good attitude in creating the video in the first place, Laina Morris used her newfound fame to create more equally hilarious videos, which she is able to do now as her full time job thanks to her massive following.

This 68-year-old professor has no time to deal with BS or walking, so he opts for his skateboard to cruise around the campus of the University of Nebraska instead. First hearing of Reddit after his photo posted became an internet sensation, all this rockin teacher has to say is “You can roll, but you can’t hide.”

Scumbag Steve made meme fame as the wannabe we all love to hate thanks to his mom posting the photo to MySpace in 2006 (we know). As it turns out, real life Blake Boston hasn’t really changed much in his fashion sense, and he’s actually an aspiring rapper!

After Kyle Craven’s friend posted this goofy yearbook photo to Reddit, everyone lost their goddamn minds. According to Craven, the photo was just him having a bit of fun, as he did everything possible to look as goofy as possible. His little joke turned bigger than he could have ever imagined, and Craven is definitely having the last laugh now

Perfectly summing up the time your phone charger isn’t long enough to reach your phone while you’re relaxing on the couch, Italian model and actress Silvia Bottini feels your pain. Being gorgeous, rich and successful means the internet did a good job picking the perfect face for this meme.

A simple photo taken while dressing up with friends when she was only 11-years-old would later come back to haunt Maggie Goldenberger over 12 years later. The image was randomly found by a Reddit user browsing a public Facebook page, and quickly became one of the most recognized memes on the internet Goldenberger was on a trip in India when she was first tipped off by a friend, and now she has to simply laugh it off every time someone brings up a moment she never knew the entire world would ever see.

Joke as you will, Nola Ochs definitely DGAF. Holding the Guinness World Record for being the oldest college graduate at 95, Ochs proves it’s never too late to pursue your passion, and even continued on to Fort Hays State University to complete her masters at 98.

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