Learn to Grab Life by the Horns with These 8 Tricky Life Hacks

Do you ever feel like you’re running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off?  99.9% of people most likely just answered yes.  Feeling overwhelmed from work, school and life in general is well…a big part of life!  This is why it is important to get yourself organized and in the groove.  Living outside your groove is not recommended!  To stay in your groove, use life hacks to your advantage.  These are sneaky tricks, you can use to make life better.  The best part is they are simple to use and when you learn them, you will never forget them.  After reading through this wonderful list of life lacks, light bulbs will be lighting up in your head left and right!

  1. Dirty Keyboard?

    Use super cheap Post-it notes to catch all the loose dirt in the cracks of your keyboard.

  2. Stealthy Vodka

    Simply mix your favorite vodka and some food coloring to make the perfect camouflage drink.  If someone smells it, Listerine is mostly just alcohol anyway.

  3. Save Your Phone Charger

    It’s always annoying when a phone charger rips at the joint.  Stop that from happening by using a spring wrapped around the wire.

  4. Stop Breaking Your Fingernails

    Never again will you break your fingernails trying to pry open a key chain.

  5. Everyone Needs to Vent

    It’s always annoying when auto-correct rains on your venting parade.  Use this little hack to get around it.

  6. Learn How to Tie

    Yup, you can learn how to tie a tie on the internet.  You can even get fancy!

  7. Pasta Storage

    It turns out, Pringles containers make the perfect pasta holsters.

  8. Expand Your Countertop

    Instead of running out of space or getting annoyed, use this sneaky technique to expand your working space.

Have you begun thinking of some of your own ideas?

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