8 Unique Ways to Upcycle Empty Pill Bottles

Everyone has empty pill bottles laying around from family medications.  The worst part about these things is they usually aren’t recyclable.  That’s annoying!  The best way to get rid of them is to make a new use for them.  Upcycling is the new recycling.  When you upcycle, you take something that was used for one thing and once it finishes its original purpose, you give it a new use.

Here we will show you some of the best ways to upcycle those pesky empty pill bottles.  If you have been throwing them away start saving them instead.  We have some great uses here for you.

Your new earbud holster.  Now you can stop losing them or getting them dirty.  This will also help avoid tangling.

Create your own travel sewing kit.  Adhere a pin cushion to the top and put the rest of the supplies inside the bottle.

Make your own mini survival kit using the items pictured below.

Label and store your seeds.

Create a key hider with a rock and empty pill bottle.  Bury it some place where you can remember.  Use a strong glue to adhere the rock.

Make giant multi-colored crayons.  It takes a little work, but it’s worth it for the kids.

They make the perfect travel containers for your favorite toiletries.

Childproof matchbox.  Tape the striker to the outside and store the matches inside.  It is also waterproof.

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