12 People Who Won the Lottery at the Thrift Store

The thrift store is full of buried treasure if you look hard enough.  People have basically won the lottery by finding items worth WAY more than what they paid.  Some of the treasures on this list are hard to believe.  You may even get a little jealous about how rich these people got after spending around $5.  A few people made life-changing amounts of money.  You’re not going to believe #8!

A True Michael Jackson Artifact

Apparently Apple TV isn’t worth much!

The doctor is in!

What?!? Someone sold the coolest outfits ever!

This was just legendary coach Vince Lombardi’s sweatshirt.  It was purchased for 58 cents and sold at an auction for $43,000.  Nice return on investment!

Turns out this timepiece was worth more than the price tag.  He purchased the original LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm at Goodwill for $5.99.  It has a value of $35,000!

This item speaks for itself.

A person in Sydney bough this Chinese relic for $4.  It’s worth over $75,000!

Coolest Item Ever!  An Alf phone WINNING!!!

Made by Justin’s biggest fan

This guy casually found a 3 carat diamond at Goodwill.  Maybe he can finally afford to clean his fingernails!

Now that’s a spiffy shirt.

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